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Build on the ! rock !

Don`t we all need to be reminded, which kind of foundation is able to hold and support our lives, in the midst of sunshine or stormes, easy or hard times. At our women`s conference last month, we came together to honor the women around us, to worship God, to encourage and love each other.

Many partners helped us to prepare and drape our hall, to make scarves and bags as presents, to get snacks and a meal for everyone and get everything set up. Well of Salvation Church joined forces with Godfirst City Church and opened the doors for every woman.

It was a beautiful event, with God in the centre, powerful worship, meaningful encounters; truth being declared and love and care being showered over many. Our vision is that we can grow a women`s minitry, where we would stay connected as daughters of God. And events like the conference could be experiences and inspirations that would be carried into and deepened in a shared every day life - in the midst of messy life. Trust and pray with us!

Check out our video on facebook:

- Our choir girls in all their joy and excitement! =)

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