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Celebrating victories in the face of ongoing battles

copyright by J. Rieck

Few battles are won in one day. The walls of Jericho fell after 7 days of circling the city in obedience to God, meanwhile God had already accomplished the victory.

The past weeks, I have been thinking a lot about prayer circles, obedience and unseen victories, hidden behind battles that still need to be fought.

When I look at my community, which is filled with amazing people, big families, lots of very special kids, granny`s who are trying their hardest and teens who are full of jokes, I feel a great great love for all of them. But I also feel overwhelmed, powerless and insignificant. In face of violence, addiction, witch craft, neglect, abuse, poverty, lies, teenage pregnancies, darkness, failure, lack of opportunities and hopelessness, nothing seems to bring a change - at least nothing I can do.

So I continue with my collegues to do what we can - fight the battles, that still need to be won - love our kids, have an open ear to their worries, help them with their homework, encourage them, teach them about right and wrong and show them God`s love. But at the same time, I felt God was calling me to claim his already accomplished victory over my community as well; being more aware of the spiritual realm all around us!

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