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Camp - What a joyous time!

Within the first months of my ministry I did a survey with the teenagers, who are part of our afterschool program "Ithuteng". I asked lots of questions about what they are missing and how we can help, empower and encourage them. Many of them mentioned the wish to go on a camp. At that stage, I had no idea how I could help with that, just growing into all the challenges ahead of me. But I kept it in the back of my mind. Months later, I heard from a friend about a Christian Campsite and I put in a request for a ridiculously cheap Camp our NGO.

Sadly, nothing seemed to come from it. And I had no idea how to fund even a cheap camp anyway. Only after many weeks , I suddenly heard back from Youth For Christ, offering us an amazing deal for a camp teh following month. There was no time for fund raising and official procedures to do so. Well, God knew and since my first request, lots of funds had come in for the youth program and the renovations of a youth centre. There was enough left to pay for the whole camp! I said "Yes", wrote invitations, organized a bus and young adults from the community, who would come along as my helpers.

This project streched my horizon of experience and responsibility. Dependant on our great God, it was an amazing camp, with many special moments.

The passionate and energetic team from "Youth For Christ" put an eventful program together for us.

We went on a Gorge Hike, build floatables, went down a zip line, climbed a wall, mastered an obsticale course in teams and had a sing off by the bonefire. The teens enjoyed the pool a lot, as well as times of worship and prayer. I felt very priveledged to be part of this colourful, unique experience. What I enjoyed most was to see happy smiles, to know about full tummies, being proud whenever one of them conquered a fear or tried something new. I am full of passion and love for these young men and women and grateful, that I can play a small part in making such things possible in their lives.

Thank you for the part that you played!

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