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Last saturday, I had the priviledge to take 31 of our teens to the GOG Lifestyle Park in Lanseria. Most of them have never been to such a place full of fun activities. There were different pools, blow-up slides, trampolines, an obstacle course, pedal go carts and more.

We had so much fun together. These precious teens are full of energy, eager to learn new things, try their best, challenge themselves and take some pretty selfies. My favourite part was racing down the really steep slide with joyeous screams.

Just a couple of days after our event one of the mums of a teenage girl came to me to say, thank you for investing in her girls and the community kids. And it truely is an honor for me to live in this community, being able to do my small part, while being enriched so much at the same time. But it also isn`t easy to fight through some side effects of any community investment.There are the tears of some teens that didn`t get to be part of the 31, for who we had funding and transport; or the parents complaints when a 6-grader slipped in, cause he is older than the others, even though only grade 7 and up were meant to be invited... I am still learning to keep an overview in the chaos and treat everyone fairly, while being compassionate at the same time. I am practising not to be offended easily and weighing the joy more than any offense =).

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