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It is a lifestyle

Today is sunday - my day off, on which I love to go to church and just be me, mingling with my church community. But because my church was celebrating its 13th birthday today with water slides, my friend Megan and I agreed to take some of our Foster Kids with us, so they could get out for some extra fun.

Church was great, encouraging, refreshing, bold and warm - as in a loving atmosphere. I love this church: "Heron Bridge Community Church" in their love, diversity and committment to the community.

After the service, I enjoyed some cake and coffee, chatting to some great people from my church family, while the water slides were blown up. As I was trying to check on the 11 kids we brought with us, it became clear that there were to many kids for the two slides to let them go without structure.... This church has a lot of children. To take a wild guess, I would say more than a third of the congregation is kids and teen. So within minutes, I found myself at the side of the slide. While Megan established a queue, I was helping the smaller kids to get some speed, making sure no one drowns in the little pool at the end of the slide. I was drenched in my sunday dress pretty quickly, with a bright smile on my face and great joy in my heart about the pleasure I saw in these kids` eyes.

On the one hand, it felt a lot like the work I do on saturdays or even the afternoons at the Afterschool center and on the other hand, I realized, that this is just my life. As I am living to love, I love to live like this.

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