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I haven`t shared as much as I would have liked over the last 6 weeks; it has been busy. But let me just tell you about today.

It was one of those days where there is too much to do and then things change unexpectedly (which I am not a big fan of in any case), other things don`t work out and behind every corner there is a distraction keeping you from finishing hat you are working on. On top of that, I had an argument with a friend which robbed the last bit of capacity...

And then my afternoon shift started. I went to Ithuteng, our Community Afterschool Center to do a Bible Study with around 80 kids. I felt pretty tired to start with. One of those days, where I know I can`t do it out of my own strength. But I did it nayway, trusting God would use it. And he didn`t only used it to bless the kids, but also to bless me. I reminded them that they are worthy, because God created, loved and chose them. And hearing the truth was just so refreshing, even for me. And then the kids went along passionately with the games we played, infecting me with their smiles and excitement.

As we released the kids, the teens arrived and we prepped for a goodbye party of one of our tutors. And looking at the room of teens, being able to tell them about all the amazing things that we have planned for this year, made me so happy. We are building a youth center for them and I was able to organise some outings for them that they have asked for. We ended with cake and juice and music -that is what we do best. I really enjoy being with these crazies =) My spirit was lifted, knowing that this is why I do what I do. And this is why I love serving a God who doesn`t forget those who serve him; no he calls them HIS children and treats us like that.

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