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Glow - Let`s make "like a girl" mean great things!

Being a woman can mean amazing things, but it is not easy. In a world where womens' rights are still limited and our voices are still hushed, it is our responsibility to live out womanhood in a strong and godly way. So we won`t be definded by injustice, insecurity and lies; but by love, strength, joy, faith, hope,...

After our Sparkle Event with the older girls, we organised "Glow" for our younger teens and tweens from our foster programm and the local community. 16 girls had the oppurtunity to learn all about how God made us, how to look after our hearts, how to deal with boys, how to care for our bodies and more along those lines. We had great fun and fellowship. Our girls are so precious. I am thankful for each one of them! And I feel priviledged to walk along side them, mastering the difficult task of becoming a woman.

Friends from church helped us to make it a special day, spoil the girls with great, healthy food and give them little presents. #Girlsaregreat

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