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VISITOR`s season ;)

During late october and early november, I was blessed with three different visitor`s from Germany. First my friend Caro came and got to know my life, while studying for her exams. It was a delight to have such lovely company and a reason to explore the beautiful area I live in; even though it wasn`t always easy to juggle work and excursions - but so worth it! Good friends are such a gift. We got to wander through caves, learn about history, stroll through colourful markets and hike among zebras and wilderbeasts.

The same day that Caro left, my aunt and uncle came and spoiled me with their company and generousity. We had a good time togehter and it is such a great feeling to have family really know what I am doing, seeing the kids and teens I love so much.

Lastly, a friend from my church stopped by on a business trip, helping out with his IT and electronic expertise - what a blessing!

All of my visitors brought sweet things from home and gave my mum the opportunity to spoil me with Christmas items and decorations - to take out in december, like my favourite sweets or an advent calender. ;)

God is good!

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