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the JOY of Youth Ministry

The best part of my job is being able to share joy. "My teens" love outings of any kind, just getting out, seeing something else, having fun. The oppurtunities to do that are rare. And it is my great pleasure to find events or places we can go to, organising a trip for us. I enjoy getting to know them better, making friends.

Thanks to the "GodFirst Church" team, which sponsored our expenses for the trip, we could attend a "youth night" with over 100 teens at their church. There was 20 of us going, enjoying games in a fair set up, before joining a youth service, with great worship, a message about the challenges and joys of living a christian life, prayer, dance and lots of fun and fellowship.

The time we spend together gets me even more excited about all the plans we have for next year, when the Youth Ministry will really launch.

I hope until then, we will find someone who would support me in that. You are welcome to pray for that. It would be awesome for the young guys to have a male role model and friend to talk to. Until the end of the year there are a couple more youth events to come. I will tell you about them...

Keep an eye out for new blog entries ;).

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