HOLIDAY CLUB - Here we go again

Another beautiful week of action, fun and teaching. The school term finished so quick and it was time for our Holiday Club again. On 5 days we had around 120 kids joining us every day. They form 4 groups according to their age and after we start off the day together, each group visits different stations, where the kids hear a bible story, do crafts or sports or practise for a talent show. Besides managing the 60teenagers (together with my collegue Nomaza), who help us at the stations or in the kitchen or as leaders of the groups; I was at the Bible Story Station. We looked at Elisha`s life, a prophet from the old testament and what we can learn about God from those stories. My favourite part was surprising the kids with different ways of presenting the story or putting in special effects (like a little flood or the story being acted out by kitchen ware). Such a week is always hectic and I am glad that we work well as a team to make it happen. This time we also had a church group with their teenagers joing in to support us. And since picture say so much more than words, enjoy the following.

If you ever hav questions about anything; please feel free to contact me =)!

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