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Wealth has many aspects. On HERITGE DAY - 24th of september - South Africa celebrates its riches in cultural diversity. At LIV Lanseria we hosted a celebration, organised by our social workers and the whole community, full of colour, music, dance, food, fun and joy.

Many of our girls from Ithuteng were part of the choir and I was very proud of them, watching them in their pretty singing and dancing. It also made me think that "culture" is expressed very differently in different countries and cultures.... except for food. Food seems to be a common ground to paint culture all over it. =) We ate Pap, tribe, morogo spinach , pumpkin, sourporridge, chicken,...

But my favourite part was definately observing the joy and ease with which our teens and kids danced and laughed. Life is a joyful matter! =)

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