"Sparkle" - be true, be bright, be you!

Break the lies and know the truth!

I love our young ladies in LIV Lanseria and Joe Slovo. And my female collegues share that love. As ladies ourselves, we also know what the challenges are to be a confident woman, knowing your value in Christ and trusting his truth, not falling for the lies of the world, society or even friends.

So, we invited our special girls, 16 yaers and up to join us fr tea, coffee and cake. We shared what it is like to believe lies and what they do to us and where they limit us. Everyone got th eoppurtunity to identify lies and her life and write them down, sticking them to a bax. Soon, there was a wall of lies, litteraly, and we started kicking it down.

Then we focused on the truth God speaks about us. He offers us to be his daughters, which he loves and which he has wonderfully made and chosen to be strong, holy, unique, bold, confident and honourable; because we are soo loved by him. In small groups we discussed, how to know what is true and how to use the truth to fight lies. We also listened to songs, which are filled with true words from God about us and presented those to the big group. We had lots of fun, enojoyed a big dinner, sponsored by friends and watched a movie about strong women =). But my highlight was probably the photoshoot, capturing truth and beauty. Here, see what I mean:

Even you! Look out for the voice of truth in your life!

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