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# We Are LIV Lanseria

So many reasons to be thankful for:

Being a community, part of a whole organisation - in work and life - brings many things, like sharing the joy of celebrating new beginnings.

It has been over a month, that we have officially become LIV Lanseria. But there hadn`t been a celebration with our community - those that actually made Refilwe what is was and those that will determine what LIV Lanseria is gonna be like - Because WE ARE LIV! So, I inspired that we would have a party to kick off being LIV properly. And how it all went was a beautiful example of who we are. We all worked together. Beforehand people volunteered to cook, lead an activity, give out gifts, prepare groups,.... And then on the day, due to someone being sick, things got complicated or weren`t done or organised... But our amazing site team stepped it up and saved our braai. We started a fire in no time and improvised a chicken marinade. Everyone helped with chairs and tables and step by step everything came together... even more beautiful than planned. I love being part of this amazing community, where we do life together in good and bad times. Having people to trust and to rely on is great. Thank you guys!!!!!!! So blessed to have you! =)

So we chatted, enjoyed photoshoots and shared dear memories from the times of being Refilwe. Looking into the future, we collected hopes that we have for us, as LIV Lanseria, changes we are praying for and ways we want to grow. And, obviously, there was music and lots of food, even with ice cream as desert!

"We commit this place, our community and our lives into your hands, Lord! Lead us!"

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