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Dumelang! Lekae?

Nna ke JoJo. Ke dula ko Refilwe. Ke ithumetse thata ;).

"If they come here, they must fit in and make an effort to know our ways and speak our language..." That is what I hear in Germany about anyone who flees to my home country or comes to start a better life. And I agree, even though I hope I would put it in words, more kind.

In South Africa, very few white people bother to learn an african language. Maybe also because you can get around with just English. So, I feel priviledged to be able to learn at least some Setswana (which is one out of the 11 official languages in South Africa). Thanks to DMG and SIM for supporting me in this. Thanks Refilwe (ähm.. LIV Lanseria) for allowing me precious time for language study purposes. Ke a leboga, Tumi for teaching me and thanks to my friends and my community, my teens and kids for practising with me.

So WHY am I doing it? Why do I go back to feeling like a child and being laughed at, trying something new, with the garanty of making a ton of mistakes? Well, I hope to show respect to the people I work with by learning their language and their culture, which is often closely connected. I also care for their hearts and thoughts and hope to build a bridge for deep talks and honest conversation from heart to heart. And lastly, I am just a very curious person and I don`t like not knowing what is spoken around or about me =).

Please pray for me to carry on, learn fast and be patient in the meantime.

Okay, xap. Ke tla go bona kgantele.

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