Beautiful afternoons

Bible Study Journal

The favourite part of my day is the afternoon because that is when I get to hang out with the amazing kids and teens from Joe Slovo. After lunch time, I go up to our afterschool care center and help Mama Nomaza - who leads the beautiful chaos up there - with administrativ work and preparation. We have two faithful young guys, who come every day and help preparing snacks for the kids and assisting with homework.

At 2.30pm kids start coming, they play on the playgound, get their snacks, tell us about their day and I enjoy practising my Setswana with them. By now, I know most of the names (which are hard to pronounce for a german tongue) and have made many friends. More and more kids join us, until it is a crowd of 40 to 60 kids. We start homework time in groups by grades and try to cater to everyone. I love it and sometimes it frustrates me that I can`t take the time for a child to help him understand a mistake, because there is a queue of little learners, who need me to check their homework, so they can get a sticker...

Whoever is finished with homework by 3.45pm gets to go to story time. It is mostly me telling the stories at the moment and I enjoy it. To improve their english, I read a book to them, explain words, let them help me act parts out. I love children´s books and it makes me happy to see how much of the kids love to read. That is why I have started to buy a couple of books to lend them to the kids to take home, where most of them don`t have books. My first book has already come back and 4th grader F. wrote me a book review - so proud!

Around 4pm, the kids leave and the teens fill the space for the next 1,5 hours to do homework or internet research or to apply at universities. I assist with whatever is needed, while I get to know who they are. I love growing into being a friend. I see them with their amazing characters, the youthful cheekyness, bright spirits, humour and the hopeful promise of a great future and I sooo hope they can see it too.

Fridays are extra special. There is no homework, but the kids come anyway. So my collegue Ryan and I we do bible studies with the kids and also the teens. We discuss with them what we learn from the stories in the bible and what it means for us today in our life. Mama Nomaza translates for us, so that even the younger ones can understand it.They love to engage, do a role play or make a poster and then draw in their journals (as you can see on the first pic).

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