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Holiday Club - Camp Adventures!!!

Kids and Teens everywhere, doing crafts, chanting, dancing, singing, acting out bible stories and playing soccer.... so much fun!!!! I am looking back at two weeks of fun and crazyness.

For our Holiday Club we have 60 teens helping us to lead the 90 kids from our community in their groups, to do drama, prepare lunch, organize the sports station, the fun station, the bible station and the craft station. Without them, we could never do it =). We looked at Elijah life over the whole week discovering how God shows himself as provider, as Life, as Lord, hope and future. "Uncle Ryan" and I had the priviledge of running the bible story station, which was so much fun. Everyday we learn new bible verses in chants and had a lot of fun throughout the day.

It was my very first Holiday Club and I admired the energy and the vibe that is just so unique in this country with our precious kids =). Jumping right in, as I did, it was also exhausting at times, which made me grateful for my spectacular team.

We all worked long hours, preparing many thing last minute; but is was so worth it!

At Teensclub, we played many games - with about 50 - 70 teens, which was a great opportunity for me to get to know them better. Most of them stay at our community Joe Slovo near by. The whole week we were looking at "Happiness" in relationships, success, status and circumstances, watching video clips and talking in small groups, discussing that all these things good or bad, plenty or little, only have a certain influence on our happiness, because the core of contentment is found in Jesus.

So I was most excited for the last day, on which I got to give the gospel message in a nutshell. I used the "book without words" to break it down to the core. I am just so excited for these teens and Jesus love for them and the way I can be a part of that. We are now looking into ways to continuely walk close with our teens in their relationship with God.

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