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Becoming part of SIM

Life is so much better, when we do it together - joy, challenges, work, leisure time, worship, living and loving... and I am thankful for my partners in South Africa.

Within my first months I had two great oppurtunities to get to know SIM, my partner organisation in this beautiful country. While it has been a bit challeninging to be in and out of Refilwe, spending time with my SIM folks was a huge blessings to me.

To start with, I went to Cape Town to meet my Personel Managers and all the lovely people in the Cape Town Office. Finally I heard what it means to have SIM as my partner, how they care about me, how they are going to support me, what they exspect of me and how they work. I was welcomed into homes and made new friends, hearing their stories and learning from their experiences, which has been the best part of it. Also, I got to see some more of Capetown, getting a history lesson and walking on the beach – the ocean is such a great place of rest for the soul.

And only a week later, I got to see my SIM friends again and many more. All workers from the offices and the field met at the annual Spirit Life Conference. We were about 90 people, young and old from 15 nations, which was displayed in multi-lingual worship and scripture reading. We had amazing inspiration through great lectures, time to recharge in prayer and stillness and encouraging fellowship with story scharing, an outing, dancing and a bonfire night.

I treasure most the new friendships I take with from this week and the certainty, that I have many christian brothers and sister by my side, who share passion and challenges with me.

Back at Refilwe…. Holiday club is coming up. We have two more weeks of holidays and they are going tob e packed with great fun, games, bible stories and songs… I will keep you posted!

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