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the SIM Manor / das SIM Hauptquartier in England

I just got back from a wonderful week at the SIM Manor, where I got to know SIM, which is my support organisation in South Africa. Their headquarters are in the UK and that is were I went. Staff members and missionaries (soon going or being back from overseas) gathered for a one-week orientation course. We spend the days praying, laughing, getting to know eachother, looking at important topics like the biblical foundation of mission, the core vales of SIM, discussing the overcoming of cultural differences, the dynamic of transition and many more helpful themes. The best part was sharing experiences and encouragement with one another.

A gift was the realization, that what I am doing is part of something big, so much bigger than myself. And we are many, the family of the Holy GOD, spread all over the world, because we can't bear the thought, that there are still people that don't know his love. So, we all live to give glory to God by loving his beloved wherever we are.

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