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The unthinkable

I have had three incredible weeks, in which three of my South African friends, that I call my brothers, came to visit me in Germany. We had an amazing time, our friendship grew and I enjoyed every bit of it. It reminded me how little I know about God's plans, his ways and the turns a life can take, when given into his hands. 6 years ago, when I met these teenage boys (I was pretty young myself, had just finished school,) I could not have ever imagined that they would come and visit me and my family here. But when God connects people, when we start loving and caring and dreaming, the unthinkable can happen.

There is no dream too big for someone who trusts in God!

That gives me courage and joy, while building my support system, contacting possible supporters, organising all sorts of things and introducing myself and my work. I trust!

"For nothing is impossible with God."

Luk. 1,37

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