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Psalms 27,1

The Lord is my light and my salvation;

whom shall I fear?


God has created me, loved me and called me.

Jesus saved me and set me free.

The Holy Spirit has filled and equipped me.

I want to give hope to the desperate, believe in the abandoned.

I want to be light, when there is darkness.

I want to speak truth, where lies keep captive.

And I want to live to love, wherever I go.

Through my life, enabled by the love of Jesus,

I want to support people in and around Refilwe

to find their talents, develop their skills & character and take their life courageously into their own hands, despite the lies of poverty

and the chains of difficult circumstances.

Matthew 5,13+14

Jesus says: "You are like salt for the human race […]

You are like light for the whole world.”

Inspired by Angus Buchan, I have a vision, that is bigger, than I am;

Too great for me alone, a vison, that can never be accomplished without God`s blessing and intervention. So that all glory goes to him alone!

Genesis 12,2

I will bless you,

so that you will be a blessing.

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