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We are not meant to live alone.

We are always stronger in a team,

when we work together,

supporting and encouraging one another.

I am thankful for everyone who has committed to accompany me on this journey,

sharing my vision.



is the missionstation,

where I live and work.

Check out our homepage to get a better idea of who we are,

what we do and what our life is like.

DMG interpersonal e.V.


is the mission organization in Germany,

that is supporting me, praying for me and helping me with all

the financial and legal processes.

I am very grateful to this wonderful team!


whose headquarters is in the UK

has many missionaries worldwide.

They are working together in partnership with DMG

and will be my contact base in South Africa.

EGHN Miehlen


This is my home church in Germany,

which has given me spiritual support over many years

and is now sending me

into mission.

FCG Regensburg


This church community is supporting me.

I got to know and love them in 2015,

when I lived in Regensburg.

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