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2. Corinthians 5,20a

Here we are, then, speaking for Christ,

as though God himself were making his appeal through us.



LIV Lanseria is not only the place where I work, it is also the place where I live and love. Sometimes that makes it difficult to distinguish between "work" and the rest of my life. But now, that I am here, at least I have a bit more of an idea where my responsibilities lie and what to focus on.

Let me give you some details:

- Setswana language study: I am still trying to get to know the cultures around me as well as learning Setswana, one of the most common languages in my community. I have an amazing language helper and I daily feel the effect of being able to connect better to the kids, teens and parents. I see this as a great long term investment into all my relationships.

- Afterschool Tutoring: Three afternoons in a week, I I support my collegues at Ithuteng, our community Aftercare with 140 kids and teens. That mainly involves doing homework with kids and boosting their language skills by reading stories to them. My passion for children`s books comes in very handy.;)

- Bible Studies: For the most part, I have taken over the Bibles Studies at Ithuteng on a friday with our 40-60kids from 6-12years.

Luke 10,27

Love the Lord with all your heart,

with all your soul, with all your strength,

and with all your mind’;

and ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’

Matthew 6,33

Instead, be concerned about everything else

with the kingdom of God and with what he requires of you,

and he will provide you with all these other things.

- Kids Club: I joined our team that runs Kids Club every week on a saturday for up to 100 kids, where we play, sing, hear bible stories, eat, have fun and partake in the lives of the kids.

- Youth Ministry Visions: I have a great passion for the teens and young adults in my community and I am priviledged to get to know them, share life with them and come up with ideas how best to support them in their personal and spiritual growth. This is going to be a long journey. I am soo excited for it and thankful for the my friends and collegues who are along side us.

We hope to some time exspand and intensify our youth ministry with mentorship/discipleship small groups to install confidence in our teens as beloved children of God, to encourange and support them to make wise choices, go after their dreams, work hard, discover their gifts and talents and live healthily and responsibly.

- Praying: A lot of times, by the end of the day, when I did what I could and still feel that there is so much undone, so many hurt or unloved,... I pray for my home and my Community and for the many I couldn`t reach out to today. Join me in prayer for these special people.

Matthew 28,18bff

I have been given all authority

in heaven and on earth.

Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples,

baptize them in the Name

of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Spirit,

and teach them to obey

everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always,

to the end of the age.

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